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SLO Community Pedicab Project 2020

Coming in 2020: FREE PEDICAB in central SLO

Imagine free pedicabs circling downtown to bring you with friends and family or pets and packages to whatever storefront, side street attraction, bus stop or distally-parked car location you need.  The Community Pedicab Project 2020 plans to bring this vision to life.

Can anyone ride for free?

Yes! Locals and tourists will be able to flag down a pedicab and jump on for a ride.  Maximum distances are around 2 miles, or 15 minutes.

How is it funded?

Safety-trained pedicab drivers will be paid a fair wage and the pedicabs will be professionally maintained.  Funding is through a variety of sources including business sponsorships, advertising, special events, donations and grants.

Where and when does it run?

Pedicabs will operate generally Thursday and Friday nights from 4pm - 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 9pm, plus special events. You'll find the pedicabs most often downtown and circling to hotels on Monterey Street.  Riders will take people to the Railroad District and to homes in the central SLO area.

Will you help make the Vision a Reality?

SLO Pedicab is building a partnership with a local non-profit organization.  Some of the long-term operating finances are in place already, but donations are greatly appreciated! We will be launching a crowdfunding request for pedicab purchases.  We are also looking for volunteers to help fundraise and do outreach.  Please click here to provide your email address if you want to stay informed or get involved.